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Betting on Soccer is one of the most popular types of betting. This sports game has millions of fans all over the world. Local competitions, European or world championships gather a lot of fans in the stands and in front of the screens. Therefore, it is not surprising that Betwhale offers soccer bets in its betting line. Thanks to its own mobile best Soccer betting app, bettors have the opportunity to bet in any convenient place. Let’s highlight other pluses of the bookmaker:

What is soccer

Soccer is a sports game in which two teams participate; its goal is to score the ball into the opponent’s goal without using hands. The victory is awarded to the team that has scored more goals according to all the rules. Free betting on soccer is a great opportunity to bet without the risk of losing your own money.

Soccer Betting BetwhaleThe game takes place on a rectangular field covered with artificial greenery or grass. This area is marked with white markings that divide the field into separate areas. Teams consist of eleven players who can play simultaneously on the field, with some bench players in addition to the main squad. The only player on a team who may touch the ball with his hands within the goal or penalty area is the goalkeeper.

A match (one game) usually consists of two halves of 45 minutes each. If the game ends in a draw, extra time may be ordered – two halves of fifteen minutes each. If even after this time the winner is not determined, a penalty shoot-out is awarded after the match.

During the game the referees control the order on the pitch. They must ensure that the rules are followed during the game, check the quality of the pitch and goal nets before the game and make a report on their decisions after the game. Umpires, who are off the field during the competition, help referees determine offside, the ball going over the line, or player infractions.

In the early 2000s, there were 1.5 million teams and 300,000 soccer clubs worldwide, and soccer is considered the most popular sport in the world. Use this Soccer betting guide to start betting.

Types of soccer betting

Soccer betting lines at bookmakers usually allow you to predict not only the outcome of the match, but also to specify more specific indicators – the number of goals, standard positions, warnings. The more variants a soccer totalizator offers, the higher the quality of the office itself and the more attractive it is for bettors. And more opportunities to make money betting on Football.

The most popular betting Soccer Betwhale include:

  • betting on the outcome;
  • betting against the outcome;
  • pass bet;
  • total;
  • individual total;
  • betting with a handicap;
  • “both scores”.

Soccer betting today on the outcome can be done at any time – before the start or during the game. Also the time period is not important – the bettor can bet on the outcome of the half or the match as a whole. Free Soccer betting is a great opportunity to bet without the risk of losing your own money.

For a correct bet the correct designations are important, which mark Soccer betting predictions of the player:

  • 1 – win for team A;
  • X – draw;
  • 2 – victory of team B.

It does not matter what the final score of the match will be, with what margin the team will win, pass or not pass to the next round. The important thing is the result as a whole – a win, a draw or a defeat. In this form, a particular bet wins, and any other options lead to a loss. That is, if you bet on a win for team B, and the match ended in a draw – the bet loses.

In this case, you can make Soccer sports betting Betwhale against the outcome where:

  • 1X – team A will not win;
  • 12 – teams will not draw;
  • 2X – team B will not win.

Since a draw is not considered a victory, the bettor’s chance to win the bet increases.

Soccer bettingBetting on the passage will wait for those who are sure that the team will make it to the next round, even if the match will have to play extra time. It should be remembered that the best Soccer betting on the outcome covers only the main time, and if the referee appoints two extra time, such a bet automatically loses.

Total is a bet on the total number of goals in the match, and it does not matter how many of them scored by team A or team B. Similar in principle bets on individual total. However, in this case all Football betting predictions are made on a specific team. For example, the bettor is sure that team A will score two goals, it does not matter what result team B will show and which of them will win the match.

Betting with a handicap is a special type of bet, in which the bettor can artificially reduce the probability of the outcome of the event, thereby increasing Soccer betting odds. For example, a player is sure that team A will win against team B and bets a handicap (-1). In this case, the gap in the number of goals scored should be at least two. If the score is 2:1 from the number of goals scored by the team on which the bettor bets, one is subtracted – so, the result is 1:1, that is a draw, as a result of which the bet loses. If the teams played with a score of 3:1, then even with the subtraction of one, the score will be reduced to 2:1, that is – the victory of team A.

“Both Score” – one of the simplest bets in which the player bets on the principle of “yes/no”. The win is counted when the answer coincides with the current situation – either each team has scored at least once (bet “yes”), or one of the teams has not once driven the ball into the opponent’s goal (bet “no”).

This is by no means the entire list of best online Soccer betting available to soccer fans. The list includes only some of the most popular ones that are accepted by all soccer betting sites.

What is soccer prediction

A soccer prediction is an assumption about the outcome of a match or the results of a team, based on the analysis of many factors. Active bettors are offered bookmakers’ predictions on Football betting site Betwhale, but everyone can make a prediction on their own, based on the available information. The more factors will be considered during the analysis, the more accurate the forecast will be.

The most common factors taken into account for making a prediction are:

  • the form the team is in;
  • team composition;
  • the location where the match is being played;
  • the results of previous games played between the two teams;
  • the teams’ interest in winning;
  • rumors and news.

The state of the team, its form – is determined by analyzing the nearest five games in the tournament. It is important to take into account the performance of both teams, otherwise the essence of the analysis is lost and the forecast will be inaccurate. Studying the matches played, it is worth paying attention to the broad statistics, which take into account not only wins or losses, but also the statistics of goals scored and conceded, the number of remarks during the matches, etc. Taking into account all these parameters, it is possible to determine the advantage of one or another team during the scheduled game.

The composition of the team can also affect the outcome. Before the start of the game it is important to know which players will be present on the field, who will remain on the bench, and whose appearance may not be expected at the match due to injuries. This data allows you to take into account the strengths and weaknesses of the teams, to assume what tactics will be used, and what position the clubs will take – defensive or offensive. Taking these factors into account, we can assume the likelihood of aggressive play and the chance of scoring goals.

The venue of the match can also affect the outcome of the game. Some teams play more confidently at home and show less impressive results in foreign stadiums. It is also important to pay attention to how often the two teams meet and how such matches end. By studying the history of games played, you can compile statistics, on the basis of which it is easier to assume the outcome.

An important factor in predicting outcomes is knowing the interest of the team. It often happens that the club participates in several championships in parallel, showing different results. If you prioritize the team by studying the results of the games, you can guess whether the athletes will play at full strength, or save their energy for a more important event.

soccer predictionRumors and news stories help to get an idea of the atmosphere within a team. For example, you can find out if there were any particularly important events the day before that could affect the mood or performance of the team on the field. The resignation of coaches, the illness or departure of a player, external proceedings – all this can affect the concentration during the match and, naturally, the result.

Coaching and team composition

The composition of players in soccer teams, as well as the coaches in many ways affect not only the outcome of matches. Bookmakers take online Football betting Betwhale on coaches, and develop predictions based on the current composition of the teams. This takes into account not only the base, but the players who occupy places on the bench. To do this, you have to study quite a lot of information – follow the matches and study injuries, pay attention to disqualifications and so on.

Betting on coaches is a special type of betting related to soccer, which does not concern matches directly. Thus, participants can predict the appointment or vice versa – the removal of the coach from duty due to the loss of the team or for other reasons. These bets are not popular among newcomers and those who practically do not study the world of soccer on the best Football betting site Betwhale, but are highly regarded by professional columnists and sports analysts.

Buying players

Online Soccer Betting Transfer is a separate betting topic. The buying and selling of players, the transfer of players from club to club has become a betting subject. Usually bets are taken in several ways:

  • betting on which club a player will leave for;
  • bets on which player the club will choose from the list.

Soccer betting site Betwhale offer their predictions based on sophisticated analytics that take into account factors ranging from the player’s commitment to his club to the relationship between the clubs making the transfer.

Typically, transfers take place in the off-season – between major international championships. The time is chosen so that the player can adjust and “play” with the new team, and the coach can analyze the role of the player among other athletes and develop the most effective Football betting strategy taking into account the new figure.

Football betting trends can vary depending on the form of teams, lineups and other factors.


In addition to the ability to analyze and predict the outcomes of matches, it is important to understand the betting strategies. Football betting tips is not so much related to the options for the end of the game, but to the ability to manage finances wisely. The most popular tactics among bettors are:

“Against the Draw” is one of the simplest strategies, which, however, does not bring big wins. Since in most championships the match cannot end in a draw, the probability of winning on a bet that states “the teams will not draw” is the highest.

Martingale is a betting system that involves doubling up if you lose and keeping the volume if you win. Using this strategy, it is important that the initial size of the bet was “feasible”, because in the case of a loss will have to increase its volume in two times, and keep doubling until the bet does not win. Only in this case it will be possible to win back all the lost bets.

Percentage of the bank is a strategy in which the bettor determines a fixed percentage of the bank and constantly bets the amount corresponding to the percentage. If the bank is larger – betting on Soccer games online increases, if less – decreases. Since this strategy requires constant counting, some bettors use the services of analysts and private bookmakers who help to keep track of the numbers.

Soccer betting online Betwhale at the end of the match is one way to get almost guaranteed winnings. The idea is to make a live bet after the 85th minute. As a rule, the score does not have time to change during this period, so the probability of winning on betting on Football Betwhale is slightly increased.

There are a lot of Soccer betting tips developed by the players themselves, which are based on personal experience. However, none of them gives a 100% guarantee that the bet will win, because the outcome of the match is influenced by many factors, making the final result more or less unpredictable. Free Football betting allows players to try their luck and win without investing their own money.

Soccer betting

betting site BetwhaleSince soccer is the most popular sport today on best soccer betting site Betwhale, betting on matches is accepted by all bookmakers. Bettors may not realize the existence of, for example, hockey. But even without being a soccer fan, a person, as a rule, is aware of local or international championships.

Therefore, the quality of betting offices is often determined by Football betting lines – the more different options and forecasts offered by the totalizator, the more interest is aroused in users. Thus, different bettors have different experience and level of awareness, and he is more likely to use the service of the office that offers understandable bets – from the simplest (like “both scores”) to complex (betting with a handicap).

Betwhale stands out from its competitors with favorable online Soccer betting odds, an official license and loyal terms of operation. Betwhale has high Football betting odds regardless of the status of the event. Choose the best bookmakers – bet on the game of your favorite teams!

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