Introduction to betting with Betwhale

Thanks to your intuition and analytics, there are many factors to consider when starting to bet regularly and earn large sums of money. Betwhale specialists decided to tell you in useful material all about how to start earning at bookmakers and what you will have to go through to succeed.

You must go a long way, learn to work with capital, and choose only the best matches and odds. This will help you succeed. Register now and read on to learn all about the best odds and how to calculate them, even for a beginner.

Basic concepts coefficient

In most cases, it is the odds section that a newcomer should study in Betwhale first. Thanks to this, you can see the probability of a certain outcome of an event, which is displayed by the specified figure. By betting on lower odds, you increase the theoretical chance of winning, and by choosing higher odds, you reduce it. At the same time, certain values do not guarantee that you will win or lose. This is just the company’s and the public’s estimation of this or the outcome of various matches.

Introduction to betting with Betwhale 1The meaning of odds in bets

Qualitatively understanding sports betting odds makes it possible to choose much more thoughtful outcomes for the coupon. Thanks to this, it is possible to get more information about the match itself by type:

  • the potential chance of a team winning;
  • the likely profit from your bet on the game;
  • the bookmakers’ expectations of the event.

In any case, you will need to consider the odds in order to adjust your strategy properly. For a simplified understanding, let’s take an example with odds of 2.5. In this case, with a bet of 100 dollars, you can get 250 dollars. 100 of them will be your initial amount, and 150 will be your net earnings from the game.

Types of odds

There are different types of sports betting odds that you may be interested in. Here are the most popular options:

  • decimal. The most common option that allows you to see at once the entire amount you will receive. Here, the profit will not be separated;
  • fractional. Most often used exactly in England and are necessary to reflect the profit of the amount bet;
  • american. In this case, the amount that you need to put up to get 100 dollars is displayed.

Most often, in the profile settings, you can customize a convenient display to avoid confusion and correctly choose the outcome that suits you. In any case, it will affect only the display and convenience, not the final result of your finances.

Introduction to betting with Betwhale 2How odds are calculated

In most cases, sports betting odds are calculated using complex algorithms that take into account a large number of factors. Usually, the following parameters can be taken into account by the betting company:

  • history of meetings between organizations and teams;
  • up-to-date information on substitutions;
  • the condition of athletes;
  • the form of the teams in a given tournament;
  • peculiarities of the competition itself.

Depending on the specific organization, such statistical indicators can be dozens or even hundreds. That is why experts often consider the coefficient the most accurate predictor of the outcome of a particular event.

Changing odds

It should also be understood that live sports odds do not stand still and can change significantly over time. New information may be added to the company’s algorithm, causing the number to go down or up. One of the participants may drop out of the competition, or a team may show a poor result in a recently concluded match.

In any case, you need to monitor any changes closely and consider them yourself when betting. This will allow you to detect important changes in variables and adjust your prediction faster.

Gaming strategies taking into account odds

Most users can achieve great results if they look for the best live sports odds and build off them during their game. Therefore, we recommend looking at the best tactics:

  • value betting. In this case, you will need to choose outcomes on which the value will be greater than the actual passability of the event. You will need to analyze the match in depth to identify such plays;
  • on falling odds. In this case, you must find suitable events where the values fall. This means that there is more and more information that the team can win. React in time and choose only the highest options;
  • opposition. You can also go against the general trend and start making profits through system and human errors.

With all this, you can try new strategies and make more profits.

Introduction to betting with Betwhale 3Odds Betting Tips

There are some important recommendations from our experts which will help you to profitably use online sports odds and always get the maximum:

  • pay attention to small values. Even a small profit is always better than any loss or zero result;
  • keep an eye on your budget. You need to control the amount of money you are willing to use now;
  • keep a record of your choices. Make sure that your statistics are positive. Analyze your results to find your weaknesses.

By doing so, you will be able to manage your funds more effectively and, in time, increase your earnings.

How to choose favorable odds

This will require you to find online sports odds by analyzing the entire event, including detailed statistics. Thanks to this, you will be able to immediately see where the company gives a more favorable chance to earn than it should have given. Also, closely follow the news so that you always know about the latest changes in the matches and react to them in time, ahead of the bookmaker.

We recommend that you take your chance to test your strength and earn a large sum, thanks to it. You have read the guide from our experts and are ready to follow the link to create a personal profile. Do not put your success in a long box!


Our experts decided to answer a few questions, especially for active players. Thanks to this, you can better understand the basics of playing at the bookmaker and learn to work more efficiently.

Is it worth betting on low odds?

It shows a high enough probability of your winning. However, it does not guarantee success, so the amount of your bet should be kept under control.

How do I start earning more?

You should choose only the best sports betting and odds possible and tightly control your strategy to do this. Over time, you will learn to get a great return on every dollar invested.

What strategies can I employ?

First of all, you need to practice discipline. This will help you control expenses and income, leave on time, and activate gifts correctly.